This has become a real staple in our house. Whether it’s football time, summer
time, or just pork time, this is great. To serve 6 to 8, you’ll need:
1 Tb. olive oil
3 Lb. boneless pork shoulder roast
1 C. beef stock
1 large white onion, diced
1 C. good ketchup
¼ C. apple cider vinegar
3 Tb. Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp. each chili powder and hot pepper flakes (or to taste)
Salt and pepper the meat liberally and brown it on all sides in a large pan in the
oil. When it’s brown all over, put it in your crock pot with all the rest of the
ingredients. Now just cover it and let it cook; 8 to 10 hours on low, 6 to 8 on high.
When it’s all gooey and the pork shreds easily with two forks you’re ready to eat.
Serve on toasted ciabatta or Kaiser rolls with some not-too- sweet coleslaw and
get ready to enter pork heaven – this is that good!


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