February; Chocolate and rain

Yes, here in the beautiful Northwest, it’s def rainy season. Combine that with Valentines Day and you’re really gonna need some chocolate. With that in mind, I offer you this easy, delicious, and fun candy recipe. I’m not a pastry chef or a chocolatier, so you know these are simple to make and fun to eat. Of course, keep these away from anyone under 21; not good for them and a waste of good edibles. If you make 24 candies, with the 6 Tb. of infused coconut oil, you’ll have around 11 mg. per candy.  Cannabis and chocolate will get you thru the rain and VDay, so have fun!

                                                                      CANNA COCONUT CANDY

This is super simple and can take care of your candy craving with very few adverse effects. For 24 mini cupcake shapes, you’ll need:

6 Tb. infused solid coconut oil

2-3 Tb. agave or honey

½ C. cocoa powder

1 C. toasted and chopped almonds

1 ½ C. unsweetened coconut

1/2 C. dried cherries or cranberries, soaked, drained and chopped (extra good if you soak ‘em in port or red wine)

Large pinch salt

Cinnamon, nutmeg, spices to taste

Lightly oil a mini muffin tin with 24 spaces. Gently melt the canna oil and agave together, and then mix in the rest of the ingredients. Use a spoon to put a large blob of the mixture in each space. Freeze for two hours, then pop out and keep in the fridge – they’re great for when the candy urge strikes!                                   Note: you must use the solid coconut oil here as it holds everything together, and make sure these are kept cold as they melt fast.



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