About Mary J. White

I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life and absolutely love the Northwest. My parents were major food people and we grew a lot of our own food, as well as fishing and hunting for it too. My mom was kind of a frustrated chef, and she was rockin’ quiche and sauerbraten and kidneys way back in the day – needless to say I developed a major love of all kinds of grub. I had a long career in local radio and TV and have even been in a couple movies, but now I find helping people in the kitchen gives me the greatest joy. Watching someone’s face as they experience a new taste, or seeing eyes light up when the brownie first hits the taste buds – that’s magic. What I aim to do in all of my classes is show you how wonderful, sensual, and life affirming real good food can be. When you come to a class or  when you cook one of my recipes, I want you to feel happy and tingly and excited and good. I love food and I hope this website and my classes and my book help you to love it too. Onward!!

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“I had a great time and leared much, even though I have a good base knowledge, it was very enlightening ! Mary is awesome! A Very clear and charismatic communicator with much passion and experience!”

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“This was the second class of Mary’s that I have taken…and as always I walked away having great memories of a fantastic time as well as learning some great cooking skills!! 3 the thumbs up and I’ll be back!”

Anonymous • Testimonial