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Lotions & Balms Class

~ Edibles

An introduction to the multiple healing properties of cannabis. We learn all about the plant, how to make infused butter and oil, whip up a couple of infused dishes, and laugh a lot!

Cannabis Tinctures Class

~ Tinctures & Gummies

Focuses on the benefits of cannabis tinctures and gummies. We learn about heat and cold extraction, how to use tinctures, the effects on humans and animals, and more.

Lotions & Balms Class

~ Topicals

Cannabis infused lotions and balms are incredible for pain relief. In this hands-on class we learn how to make infused topicals which many find effective for arthritis, skin health, and more.

Kitchen Survival Class - the pantry

~ Kitchen Survival

This is the class that started it all.

I teach you how to stock your pantry and how to raid it. You develop your own recipes and have a ton of fun in the process.

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