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This recipe is a love letter to berries! It lets their beautiful flavor shine, isn’t too
heavy, and is great for brunch or after dinner. To serve 8:
2 C. heavy cream
1 lb. best quality white chocolate, chopped
2 Tb. vanilla extract
Tiny pinch salt
2 Lb. fresh summer berries – blueberries, blackberries, etc. – cleaned and frozen
(or use frozen if it’s not summer)
Combine the cream, chocolate, vanilla and salt in a heat proof bowl and melt over
simmering water, stirring till blended. Put frozen berries in individual bowls about
10 minutes before serving, and then drizzle the hot sauce over the berries to
serve. Enjoy with port, rose’, bubbly, or whatever makes you happy – this is berry


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I saw this in Bon Appetit magazine, played with it a bit, and love it! This is lovely as
an appetizer or even a dessert – you decide. To serve four, you’ll need:
3 Tb. unsalted butter
6 plums, peaches, nectarines, etc., halved and pitted
8 oz. goat cheese
Sea salt, pepper, olive oil
Melt butter in cast iron or regular skillet till foam subsides and add fruit, cut side
down. Let them cook for at least 5 minutes, making sure the cut sides get charred.
Place the hot fruit on a big plate and let cool a little, then crumble the cheese
over. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and olive oil and be amazed at how good burnt
fruit can be!


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1 cup toasted almonds
1 cup pumpkin seeds
½ cup sunflower seeds
1 cup dried blueberries (or any dried fruit w/no sugar added)
½ cup golden raisins
Combine all ingredients and store in a cool dry place – great for in the car or to keep at your desk!!


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This is a recipe I adapted from one I found years ago; amazingly simple but an absolute crowd
pleaser. To serve 4, you’ll need:
8 ¼ in. baguette slices
8 thin 1 in. squares best quality dark chocolate
Extra virgin olive oil
Coarse sea salt for sprinkling
Preheat your oven to 350 and lightly brush the bread slices with the olive oil. Place on a baking
sheet and toast in the oven till they’re light brown. Take them out and put a square of the
chocolate on each piece of bread, then put back in the oven till the chocolate just starts to
melt, about a minute or two. You don’t want the chocolate to seep through the bread. When
they’re pretty, take them out and sprinkle a bit of sea salt on each toast. You and your friends
will be very happy, and even happier if you enjoy these with some port!


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This is my favorite kind of dessert – simple, delicious, elegant, and not that bad
for you. The pomegranate seeds add great vitamins and make it festive and
pretty. For each parfait, you’ll need:
3-4 thin almond or ginger cookies, crushed
½ C. lightly sweetened whipped cream
Shaved best quality dark chocolate
Pomegranate seeds for garnish
Put the cookie crumbs in the bottom of a nice glass and cover with the whipped
cream. Shave as much chocolate as you like over it and sprinkle with pom seeds;
repeat the layers ending with a sprinkle of seeds. Easy, quick, light, and good. If
you use ginger cookies try extra dark chocolate, and with the almond cookies you
might like a milk chocolate. You can make these as big or small as you want, and
people will think you’re a dessert genius!!


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This can be in lieu of 3 different kinds of pie after certain Big Dinners which are right around the
corner. During the holidays we all tend to go crazy with the good stuff, but at the same time
there’s nothing worse than being so full after dinner you wanna barf. With this, you’ll just feel
good. For 6 to 8 people:
1 8 oz. carton Mascarpone cheese (Italian cream cheese – great stuff)
1 c. raw sugar
2 cups good canned pumpkin
2 Tb. brandy
2 tsp. pumpkin pie spices
1 c. heavy cream, whipped
Amoretti cookies or gingersnaps, crushed
Blend your room temp mascarpone with the sugar, pumpkin, brandy, and spices. Gently fold in
the whipped cream so you have an even mixture. Now layer in a pretty glass crushed cookies,
pumpkin, cookies, pumpkin, cookies, pumpkin, and end with cookies. This can be made up to a
day ahead of time, but do cover and chill at least 2 hours before serving. You can have a small
glass or a large one; you didn’t have a bunch of pie, so you will have room for that oh-so-
important turkey sandwich later!


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This is one of those old-time recipes that almost everyone has an interpretation
of; this one has served me well over a lot of years and is always delicious. For
about 8 servings, you’ll need:
2 C. flour or whole wheat pastry flour
¾ C. raw sugar (not as harsh as white sugar)
½ tsp. salt
2 ½ tsp. baking powder
3 Tb. melted butter
2/3 C. milk or half and half
2 Tb. finely grated orange zest
1 tsp. vanilla
1 egg, beaten
2 C. raspberries
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9×9 baking dish. In a large bowl
combine all the dry ingredients, then stir the in butter, milk, orange zest, vanilla,
egg, and berries. Pour into the pan and bake about 40 minutes or until the top is
firm. Serve with whipped cream and a bit of mint – dessert heaven!

Strawberries With Balsamic Reduction

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This is a lovely way to enjoy delightful fresh strawberries – elegant and simple. To
serve 4, you’ll need:
2 pints fresh strawberries
1 C. balsamic vinegar (makes enough for 12 servings so you’ll have leftovers)
1 tsp. sugar
Freshly ground black pepper
In a stainless steel or other non-reactive pan bring the vinegar to a boil, then
simmer till it’s reduced to about ¼ cup. This will take about 30 to 40 minutes.
While the vinegar is reducing, hull and slice the berries and put in a big bowl with
the sugar. Refrigerate for about an hour, by which time your syrup will be reduced
and cooling. When the syrup is all the way cool, put the berries in cute bowls,
drizzle 1 tsp. syrup over, and top with a generous grind of black pepper. Garnish
with some mint and viola – you’re a genius!

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