I don’t know about you all, but I never thought I’d be around for 2024 – in the 1970’s that was waaaaay to far in the future. But here we are, so instead of giving you a predictable new year greeting, how about something practical? Like salve…..

                                                                            CANNA SALVE

This wonderful smooth salve is great for sore muscles or any other topical relief you might need; depending on the essential oils you use it can do wonders for the skin and muscles. To make approx. 2 cups, you’ll need:

1 C. cannabis infused oil (I use fractionated coconut oil – good stuff)

¼ C. almond or other oil you like

1/3 C. beeswax pastilles

1 Tb. Arnica oil and 1 Tb. Vitamin E oil (I like this combo for pain)

Essential oils of your choice (mint and eucalyptus for muscles, lavender and ylang ylang for sleep, etc.)

Melt the first three ingredients in your double boiler or your pan over hot water. When everything has melted, get your pan into an ice bath and let it harden up around the edges. Add your essential oils then blend, using an immersion blender or electric mixer until it’s whipped up, then store. Smooth happiness!!A note: If you use the 1 cup of infused oil this will be quite strong, which is nice if you have a lot of pain. If you want to adjust the strength, you can use less canna oil and adjust the ratio with the other oil. I.E.; ½ C. of cannabis infused oil and ¾ c. almond oil.

PLEASE try this – you’ll be able to ditch many if not all of your pain pills. If you’re in WA, ask at your dispensary for the EveryDayMaryJ Cooking weed – it’s perfect for this. Yours in happiness and health…..Mary


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