Darlings! We made it to another year and I for one am damn glad.I don’t need to mention the last two years have been tough in pretty much every way; we’ve lived thru it together. I’ve been extremely grateful for cannabis, it keeps me healthy and is great  for relaxing and letting go. That said, I hope you’re not wasting any mental energies on resolutions. Aren’t we all  aware that resolutions do nothing but make us feel bad? I prefer to set goals. If your goals include getting healthier, please consider introducing some cannabis in your life. If you already use and enjoy cannabis medicine, consider a new way of using it. Think infused sugar for that coffee break, or maybe a nice topical for that shoulder; cannabis medicine is a true gift from the universe. This recipe is a fine way to get your medicine and is also delicious uninfused – either way, it’s a great way to celebrate 2023!

 FROZEN BERRIES with HOT WHITE CHOCOLATE This recipe is a love letter to berries! It lets their beautiful flavor shine, isn’t too heavy, and is great for brunch or after dinner. To serve 8:                                                                                                 2 C. heavy cream

1 lb. best quality white chocolate, chopped

2 Tb. vanilla extract

2 Tb. Cannabis glycerin tincture (optional – provides approx.100 mg. cannabinoids)

Tiny pinch salt

2 Lb. berries – blueberries, blackberries, etc. – cleaned and frozen if fresh (or use frozen if it’s not summer)

Combine the cream, chocolate, vanilla, tincture and salt in a heat proof bowl and melt over simmering water, stirring till blended. Put frozen berries in individual bowls about 10 minutes before serving, and then drizzle the hot sauce over the berries to serve. Garnish with mint, and enjoy with port, bubbly, or whatever makes you happy – this is berry heaven!


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