Don’t know about you all, but my January flew by, and here we are – the short month with Valentines day. In honor of the day of love I want to share this lovely, simple, lube recipe. This is inexpensive and organic, so do try some – you’ll go ‘wahoo’ with or without the cannabis!    

                                                     SIMPLE CANNABIS LUBE

It’s tough to find an inexpensive infused lube, but with a little shopping you can have a beautiful lube that’s practically free, ok for condoms, and fun. For approx. 1 cup of lube, you’ll need:

4 tsp. vegan vegetable glycerin (use the organic vegan type; any other kind can mess with your ph)

½ tsp. Xanthan gum (add more or less depending on the consistency you like – start here)

1 Tb. cannabis glycerin tincture

5 tsp. warm -not hot- water

In a mixing bowl, blend the glycerin and xanthan gum till dissolved and smooth; add the warm water and stir till it’s all blended. Again, you can play with the consistency to make it just like you want. Store in the fridge and let come to room temp before using. Easy and fun!



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