Friends, instead of a recipe this time I need to share some great news. I’m SO excited to tell you that my own line of cannabis products will be out this month. The EveryDayMaryJ line is designed for the ‘wisdom’ cannabis consumer; in other words, my stuff is designed for grown ups like me. Like many mature adults, I first tried cannabis in 1968, and there are a lot of us out here in this age group wanting simple, effective and well made cannabis products. I like to call it ‘Grandma medicine’, because humans have used cannabis as medicine for millennia. Now of course we’ve got vape carts, concentrates of all kinds, gummies, tinctures – the list goes on. But in reality, all you truly need is some good cannabis, some fat or alcohol depending on what you want to make, and viola, you’ve got medicine.                                                                                                                       For pain relief, anxiety, sleep problems, and a host of other issues, cannabis is our friend. I want to take away the mystery and confusion around cannabis so people feel confident making their own medicine. I want anyone, regardless of experience, to be able to get healthier. Those of you that know me know I’ve gotten off of 6 prescriptions with cannabis, and Hugo J Treadwell, my cat, is alive today because of cannabis. The EveryDayMaryJ debut will be our Cooking Weed; a beautiful ounce of cannabis in a cheesecloth sachet that makes decarb and infusion extremely simple. Coming up look for Infused Honey Stix, two different kinds of gummies, and lots more. So – if you’re interested in cannabis medicine, if you want to take charge of your health stay tuned, EveryDaymaryJ is on the way!!


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