Hello my darlings, I hope this finds you well and happy. I wrote ‘well and happy’ and realized that many of us haven’t been; the state of the world is confusing and bizarre at best, and many of us have been having a hard time. For me the challenge has been living alone and starting to get too used to it. You know, just me and the cat and the TV and the books and the snacks….I can get verrrrry comfortable. But I know when I start avoiding the phone and getting too comfy in my big chair it’s time to reach out. I’ve also found that while cannabis truly helps, with pain and inflammation and my state of mind, I have to be aware that just sitting around being high isn’t always the best choice for me. So I’m attempting to stick to my personal daily schedule and not get medicated till all the work is done. Again, this year, I’ve been extremely grateful for cannabis, as even though I have to pay attention to how medicated I get, it’s still the best, most effective medicine around. The high doesn’t suck either, but I do believe being high is just a (fun, enjoyable) side effect. I’m very grateful to have been able to show lots of folks how to use cannabis this year, and I’m looking forward to expanding that soon with more online stuff. What I’m trying to say is thank you cannabis, and thank you all for being here, hanging in, and staying strong. Here’s to a better, beautiful, pandemic-free new year; I hope you enjoy the best cannabis and have a lovely 2022!!


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