Yup, new stuff soon! I want to make sure you all know I’m not just sitting around getting high and coming up with  recipes. I’m working with Trey Reckling of the Academy of Cannabis Science to get my cooking classes online. We’re starting with the Fat Infusions class – the original Cooking with Cannabis – and then I’m hoping to expand with Tinctures and Topicals. This will be a class you take online, with a ton of accompanying videos and links and all kinds of cool educational stuff. Trey is the man behind the Cannabis Courses at Seattle Colleges as well as at UNLV. When this whole pandemic started I knew right away I had to figure out a way to reach you, so in actuality the pandemic got me going. I’ve been a bit concerned about putting my classes on line as so much of what I do is hands on; luckily I know Trey and when I reached out the timing was right. Since not everyone can get over here to my house in West Seattle, we included quite a few videos so you can see how things work. You’ll learn all kinds of cool history and science, and at the end you’ll make butter….. it’s going to be really fun. So again, stay tuned, because hopefully in about 2 weeks we’ll be coming to a computer near you. I’m very much looking forward to expanding and meeting new people and teaching the world about the wonder that is cannabis. YAY!!


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