CBD for YOU and ME

You all might have detected a certain disdain from me in the past regarding CBD. As you might know, CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. It has some wonderful medical applications and can be very helpful with anxiety, inflammation, PTSD, epilepsy, and a host of other things. I have always maintained though that CBD is just one of the over a hundred beneficial compounds in pot, and is much more effective in a whole plant extraction. There is an entourage effect with cannabis; in other words, it’s much more effective when you use the whole plant – the CBD, CBN, CBG, THC, and other cannabinoids work better together. But if you’re employed somewhere that drug tests, if you don’t want to be ‘high’, or if you’re just starting out with cannabis, CBD is a good way to go. I have several friends and family members who love my CBD caps, and I have a few friends who use it on their fur babies for stress and pain. So – if you want to try some pot but don’t know where to start, or if you have some medical ailments that pills aren’t curing, I strongly suggest trying some CBD. Get the good stuff from a dispensary, get the whole plant if you can, and see what even a little bit of the cannabis plant can do for you. Of course I can show you how to make a ton of fun things with CBD – check the calendar at www.maryjwhite.com and come on over. Remember, cannabis does cure!!


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