The other day I was adding up all of the entities I know that have been helped and healed with cannabis. Some of the critters have been using my full plant tincture, and some have been enjoying the calm that comes with CBD. My human friends have all benefited from cannabis, mostly with micro-dosing and topicals. Molly, who has Type 1 diabetes, has no more trouble with her hands. Sean, who has funky knees, can now walk with no pain. I was finally able to get rid of my cane, which is great. The longer we use cannabis as medicine, the more we learn about terpenes and cannabinoids and all of the other incredible stuff in pot, the more we understand that cannabis is incredible medicine. Here are some of my friends who are better now, with the fur bearers first: Hugo J. Treadwell, Diesel, Gizmo, Willie Nelson, Toby, Charlie, Chainsaw, Baby Girl, Cody, Sophie….the list goes on. And for humans, they include Julie, Susan, Fred, Toni, Helen, Joe, Marsha, Lindsey, Karen, Molly, Andy, Tom, Megan, Ramona, Marie, Kathy… get the picture. Point is, cannabis is wondrous medicine and it’s very much worth your time checking it out. To learn more, take a look at my cookbook, “EveryDayMaryJ” (available on this website) or come to a class – I’d LOVE to see you!