EGG FRITTERS (Pisci d’Ovu)

EGG FRITTERS (Pisci d’Ovu)
This is another Italian classic from the queen, Marcella Hazan. These are magic
puffs of goodness and are a fabulous appetizer. For 6 servings, you’ll need:
4 eggs
2 Tb. freshly grated parmesan
½ tsp. garlic, finely chopped
½ C. unflavored dry breadcrumbs
Salt and pepper
Vegetable oil, enough to come 1 inch up the side of the pan
Break all the eggs into a bowl and beat them lightly. Add all the other ingredients
except the oil and mix thoroughly. Get the oil into a medium size frying pan, and
heat it on medium high. When the oil is hot enough (a drop of batter will stiffen
and float) put in the batter a teaspoonful at a time, careful not to crowd the pan.
When the fritters puff up, turn them so they get nice and golden brown. Transfer
to a paper towel to drain or to a rack set on a plate. Serve and at once and be
really happy!


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