April 2021

We Made It – Thanks Cannabis!

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At the extreme risk of being trite, congratulations to all of us for making it thru 2020! I know a large number of us didn’t make it, and I am sad for all of the loss. Not only the loss of life, but the loss of income, the loss of structure, and the (hopefully temporary) loss of the waistline. It’s been a rough time and many of us are still having it tough. This is where I say……cannabis! There’s a reason that cannabis dispensaries were designated an essential business during the pandemic. Unlike with alcohol or opiates, our bodies are primed to accept cannabis because of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, provides balance in the body and brain of humans as well as animals. The ECS affects every part of us, and when cannabis is introduced, homeostasis can begin. For people suffering from inflammation, pain, PTSD, anxiety, and a host of other diseases, cannabis has been shown to be extremely beneficial. For those of us trying to recover from last year, it’s been a lifesaver. I’m telling you about the ECS because in this new year, this hopefully better, more humane year, you’re going to want to be aware, awake, pain free and ready. We’ve got a lot to do! Beside the incredible health benefits of cannabis, let’s not forget that it makes you feel GREAT; happy, maybe horny, creative, goofy…..the list goes on. If you’re reading this you’re probably already a fan of pot, but if not, and if you want some relief from whatever ails you, please give cannabis a try. I was on 5 serious prescriptions and a cane – not sexy – and now with cannabis I’m free of all that. Like many of us I smoked some pot in high school and college, but I never knew about the medical benefits. Trust me when I say cannabis in 2021 will make this your best year ever. Get yourself to a dispensary, get some delicious ganja, and enjoy 2021! With love…. Mary

Huge Change

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Recently I had to go to the emergency room for some internal weirdness. All is well now and things are ok, but when I got home (after 7 hours of looking at cute docs and me in my sexy hospital gown) I had a big damn realization. I need to be very aware of my internal workings because of scar tissue from past surgeries, etc. The (totally hot) doc asked me if I needed anything for pain and I said no. During the course of my stay he asked me probably four times if I needed anything for pain and I kept saying no. THIS IS A MIRACLE! I didn’t even realize I had done that till I got home and then I went….. damn. Historically I’ve been all about the pills, to the point of thinking about them and wanting them all damn day. I used to have a 3 drug rule when partying! Now thanks to cannabis I’m almost always pain free, I don’t need nasty pharmaceuticals, and I never look in people’s medicine cabinets anymore. Yes, I’ve done that – never took anything, but I can totally see how the pill thing can get out of control. With cannabis, I’m productive and happy and waaaay more chill. So now that things are opening up, now that we can start to think about seeing each other again, I just have to say THANK YOU to cannabis. No more pills, no more weirdness, just happy healthy healing. WAHOO!

July 2020

July 2020, or WTF?

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Hi friends! I hope this finds you all healthy and managing your way thru this incredibly tough time. Who would have thought we’d still be dealing with a pandemic in July? We can only hope that people wake up and understand the need for masks and social distance. Of course the pandemic makes things much harder for everyone; for me finding someone to be my boyfriend has been near impossible. However, all of the inconvenience is worth it to NOT DIE. So, for something to make you feel good even when shit is super weird, I want to give you the comfort of Sausage Gravy.


I came up with this after realizing my pal Josh just can’t do dairy or gluten anymore. This gives you all the umami goodness of cream using an infused bacon and chicken fat combo instead.  To serve four, you’ll need:

1 Lb. sweet or hot Italian sausage (if links, remove from casings and crumble)

1 small sweet onion, chopped

1 large clove garlic, minced

6-8 Cremini or white mushrooms, chopped (optional but good)

3 Tb. infused savory fat (directions below)

1 1/2 C. unflavored plant milk (soy or coconut work great)

1 tsp. cornstarch dissolved in 2 Tb. cold water (you might need more cornstarch depending on how thick you like it)

Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, thyme – to taste, depending on your sausage

In a large skillet over medium heat, sauté the sausage till it’s crumbly and mostly browned, then remove it to a paper towel lined plate. In the fat remaining in the pan sauté the onion, garlic, and mushrooms (if using) till the onion is translucent. Then with a slotted spoon add the onion, garlic and mushrooms to the plate with the sausage, and wipe out the pan. Put the pan back on a medium burner and add the infused fat and then the plant milk. When the mix bubbles add the cornstarch, turn it down to medium, stir, and let this thicken. If it seems too thick add more milk, a tablespoon at a time. When it’s thick like you like it add the sausage/vegetable mix. Stir this, taste, and add the salt, peppers, and thyme. Give it a few more minutes on low so everything marries, then serve over grits, cornbread, or your fave absorbent carbohydrate. If you use a Full plant infusion and my recipe for infused fat, this will yield around 40 mg per serving. NOT for beginners!

INFUSED SAVORY FAT: Use my normal fat infusion recipe of 1 oz. decarbed (or activated) cannabis to 1 lb. fat, in this case ¾ Lb. bacon fat and ¼. Lb. chicken fat. Great for savory dishes, and if you need it less strong, just cut back on your cannabis; stronger, add more. Have fun and enjoy some damn fine biscuits and gravy! www.maryjwhite.com

I truly hope this will give you a little comfort and joy. If you’d like more recipes or ways to use cannabis, check out my YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs872XpxInDBSY9ETksQjHQ?view_as=subscriber.    Thank you all for being you; stay safe and stay sane with cannabis. All the X’s and O’s         MJW

May 2020


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My humans! my online Cooking with Cannabis class is finally here. With the help of Trey Reckling and the Academy of Cannabis Science, we’ve put together a very comprehensive and may I say fun class about Cooking with Cannabis and fat extractions.  Turns out all the words I use in class are a bit difficult to get in order. I was really sweating it there for a few days, as this isn’t just us cooking and playing in my kitchen. With luck this class, along with the rest in the series, will eventually appear all over the world. Since I tend to be a bit casual, this was a true exercise in slowing down to do research. Trey, as well as being super smart, was super patient in helping me figure it out. I haven’t been in school in almost 50 freakin’ years, so learning about the modules was a challenge. I def had to stretch my brain and it was worth it. Point is: If you can’t get to my house in West Seattle, you can now take my Cooking with Cannabis Fat Extractions class online. If you came to a class a few years ago this will be a good refresher, especially since there’s so much more great info available now. I’ve gained so much just in putting all this information together – turns out cannabis is endlessly fascinating and almost every day we learn new stuff. So please, if you want to know how to make fat extractions, if you want to refresh your knowledge, or if you just like to learn cool stuff,  check out my class at www.academyofcannabisscience.com. And of course giant thanks to Trey Reckling – you rock sir!

April 2020


2020-04-29T22:04:23+00:00April 29th, 2020|

Yup, new stuff soon! I want to make sure you all know I’m not just sitting around getting high and coming up with  recipes. I’m working with Trey Reckling of the Academy of Cannabis Science to get my cooking classes online. We’re starting with the Fat Infusions class – the original Cooking with Cannabis – and then I’m hoping to expand with Tinctures and Topicals. This will be a class you take online, with a ton of accompanying videos and links and all kinds of cool educational stuff. Trey is the man behind the Cannabis Courses at Seattle Colleges as well as at UNLV. When this whole pandemic started I knew right away I had to figure out a way to reach you, so in actuality the pandemic got me going. I’ve been a bit concerned about putting my classes on line as so much of what I do is hands on; luckily I know Trey and when I reached out the timing was right. Since not everyone can get over here to my house in West Seattle, we included quite a few videos so you can see how things work. You’ll learn all kinds of cool history and science, and at the end you’ll make butter….. it’s going to be really fun. So again, stay tuned, because hopefully in about 2 weeks we’ll be coming to a computer near you. I’m very much looking forward to expanding and meeting new people and teaching the world about the wonder that is cannabis. YAY!!

Time to bake!

2020-04-22T10:09:07+00:00April 22nd, 2020|

Here we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and one positive thing to come from it is people are cooking, so YAY! I’m going to share a lot of my recipes with you during this time because, why not. So here’s my latest, and believe me when I say these are freakin’ delicious. It’s smart to share these immediately or you too could be blissfully drooling in front of Netflix, which is what I did after too much “testing”. Depending on your cannabis and how you decarb these can be strong, so plan accordingly. Have fun darlings  – more soon!    with love MJW



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We’re in the middle of the pandemic right now and all I want is comfort. These sprang to mind yesterday as I was contemplating my accidental purchase of bulk white chocolate. When you make these have a friend over, otherwise you, like me, might eat them all. Make them by the recipe the first time, then after that have fun and go crazy. Yours in comfort…. Mary


I came up with this after accidentally ordering white chocolate chips in bulk; turns out it was a good purchase! The only issue here will be trying not to eat the whole batch at once. For one cookie sheet of bark, you’ll need:

1 C. whole pecan halves, toasted (place on a cookie sheet with parchment or a silicone mat in a 350 oven for 8 minutes or till lightly brown and fragrant)

1 package (11 oz.) white chocolate chips – get the good ones

2 to 3 Tb. full plant cannabis butter (you can use CBD or plain butter too, if you don’t want to be high)

¼ tsp. salt

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 C. dried sour cherries, chopped

Zest of one lemon

Maldon sea salt for sprinkling on the top

When your nuts are beautifully toasted, take them out of the oven and let cool a bit. In a double boiler melt the chips, and when they’re almost melted add the butter, salt, and vanilla. Stir till it’s all blended then add the chopped cherries. Pour this carefully over the toasted nuts, spreading out so all the nuts are covered and the chocolate is mostly smooth. Then sprinkle the lemon zest and the Maldon salt over the top, and put the whole pan in the fridge. Let this cool and harden up – takes about an hour – then remove and either cut or break into appropriate pieces. SO GOOD and a fine way to get your cannabis!

Other combos: Milk chocolate, dried raspberries, and almonds, or dark chocolate, orange zest, and pistachios – have fun!!




Need to chill??

2020-04-01T09:47:55+00:00April 1st, 2020|

Fellow humans…..how are you doing? Here we are in an unprecedented, in our lifetime anyway, situation. It’s been fascinating to notice /observe the ways we are adapting and surviving. It is times like this when I do have hope for us as a species, because even though we’re in some ways in a mess of our own making, we have the capacity to figure it out. However, we do need to find ways to manage the pervasive underlying stress, and this is where cannabis can truly help. Whether you prefer CBD only or like the full on THC experience, the compounds in cannabis are perfect for stress relief. If you’re a fairly hyper person, right now a strong Sativa dominant strain might not be your best bet. Cannabis terpenes have a huge effect on how the plant will affect you, so for stress relief, try more Indica dominant strains high in  Linalool, Caryophellene, Myrcene, Humulene and others for calming, anti-inflammatory, and sedative effects. If you enjoy CBD products go ahead and up those miligrams; the nice thing about CBD is even tho you won’t get all of the benefits of THC and other cannabinoids, if you need more take it as you won’t get too high. Please take a look at my cookbooks, “EveryDayMaryJ” (available at www.maryjwhite.com) or “The CBD Cookbook for Beginners”, on Amazon.  I also have a ton of cooking videos on YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/user/maryjwhite1/videos?view_as=subscriber. I want you to be as healthy and happy as possible, not just during a pandemic but all the time. Cannabis is great medicine, and like I always say it’s not about getting high, it’s about getting well. If you do enjoy the high though….now’s the perfect time! Please take care of yourselves, make some fun cannabis treats, and remember to chill. With love    Mary

March 2020

A New World

2020-03-24T09:40:59+00:00March 24th, 2020|

Life as we know it has changed. We’re currently in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and we are all being impacted one way or another. I know in a month or so we’ll feel differently, because right now is scary and weird, unsettling and confusing. I also know that in a month or so we’ll have different views on communication, new ways of interacting, and hopefully a new appreciation for each other. But in the meantime…..damn. I want to let you know that I’m working with a couple of real smart people to get my classes online. Obviously not everyone can come to West Seattle for hands-on cannabis cooking classes, so online teaching could rock. Seems like a lot of us will be making huge adjustments, but…..this could all be good. I’ve been trying to figure out how to scale up so more folks can learn about cannabis, and this could be it. Same with my YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/maryjwhite1/videos?view_as=subscriber) I’m going to be doing a lot more ‘regular’ cooking videos; I’m thinking a lot of people are going to start cooking at home. So I want to say, we are all in this together and I have every hope life will be smarter, better, and happier on the other side. With love. Mary

February 2020


2020-02-10T10:32:15+00:00February 10th, 2020|

Gawd! I’ve been so tied up with other stuff I’ve completely forgotten to blog. So – happy 2020 my sweets! I truly hope that this year we all advance, evolve, and find more joy. I’ve been trying to expand; doing a lot more YouTube, (https://www.youtube.com/user/maryjwhite1/videos?view_as=subscriber),  podcasts, (https://open.spotify.com/show/0gTw5xXrjvhOFXOhVRLh7Q), and even The Weed Tube! I’m trying to get all the words out about not only cannabis cooking but the wonders of CBD and hemp. If you haven’t already, I’m encouraging you to take a look at my cookbooks; “EveryDayMaryJ, A Practical Guide to Cookng with Cannabis” on this website, and “The CBD Cookbook for Beginners” on Amazon. They both have a ton of info and some great recipes if I do say so myself. And as always, if you ever have questions or concerns about cannabis, edibles, CBD, or pretty much anything, I can help. Wishing you all a beautiful, joyful, healthy new year. With love… Mary

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